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well, it's pretty much done. the only thing left to hack is the roulette function. so in this game, you can choose to have up to 3 of your character slots as 'roulette'. if you do so, that/those slots will randomize before each battle. from my preliminary analysis, the game does the initial character select randomization with different code than the randomization at the 'order select' screen. so that's two hacks rather than one, thanks SNK!

so in summation, thus far it's been 3 hacks:
1) initialization, give both players 20 points each (0x14)
2) points/cost restriction system via table
3) overwriting of text to display the points and cost

and #4 will be the two roulette hacks.

That is very cool work. Looking forward to what you do next!

bankbank, when you are completely done with your kof98 hack, we will add to fbneo if you like :)

best regards,
- dink

here it is folks, the completed kof98 ratio hack:
IPS patch should be applied to file '242-pn1.p1' from kof98h.zip
when you run kof98h in FBNeo it should give you a warning that the CRC is different from what it expected - ratio is 9171669D, original is 61AC868A

A) I hacked kof98h binary instead of kof98 because kof98 is encrypted. I should have forced myself to get better at C and write a decrypt/re-encrypt program, but I didn't! it should hopefully not make any difference, and if it does, I can port the hack to kof98 set.
B) I didn't set up the roulette to adhere to the points system, so it's just disabled. it seemed really complicated. sorry!

so one neat thing to take note of this that, for the alternate versions of characters you select by holding start, in vanilla KoF98 there is no visual feedback on most of them - only the Orochi characters change their portrait when start is held. but with this mod, everyone except for Ryo (who has the same cost in alt and regular) will display visual feedback when start is held on them.

I'm very hype to watch people playing this hack!

Hi bankbank,
Congrats on the release!
I would like to add this hack to FBNeo - is that OK with you?
If yes, please tell me what you would like the name of your hack to be called in the game list :)

best regards,
- dink


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