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MAME v0.127u7 Released
« on: October 09, 2008, 07:19:46 PM »
MAME v0.127u7 Released

MAME 0.127u7
October 9th, 2008

One final update before 0.128. If there are any new showstoppers introduced since 0.127, make sure you have reported them on MAMETesters.


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02482: [Graphics] bubblemj: Demonstration screen trouble
- 02483: [Graphics] gunlock, rayforcj: Title screen trouble
- 02498: [Graphics] lightbr: Trouble of title screen (Couriersud)
- 02221: [Sound] blzntrnd: Sound is almost completely broken
         (Aaron Giles)
- 02467: [Crash/Freeze] qsww: Game Crashes (Olivier Galibert)
- 02479: [Misc.] Various: Memory leak (Aaron Giles)
- 02266: [Multisession] tceptor: Thunder Ceptor crashes out when run
         as the second game. (Aaron Giles)
- 02439: [Multisession] tx1: TX1 quits out on second launch.
         (Aaron Giles)
- 02488: [Multisession] All sets with using 2+ monitors: Crash to
         desktop on second play. (Aaron Giles)
- 02321: [Crash/Freeze] mpu4utst, mpu4tst2, mpu4met0: Screenless
         systems crash due to problems in some display core functions
         (Aaron Giles)
- 02476: [Misc.] some neodrvr.c sets: Memory leak
- 02324: [Gameplay] dokyusei, dokyusp, gakusai, gakusai2: Game doesn't
         start (Aaron Giles)
- 02292: [Crash/Freeze] dcclubfd, gground, ggroundj, roughrac,
         sgmastc, sgmastj : Game doesn't start (Olivier Galibert)
- 02480: [Crash/Freeze] Various: CPU x: PULSE_LINE used with level-
         detected IRQ y (Aaron Giles)
- 02489: [Color/Palette] All Sets in namcos22.c: Garbled colours and
         graphics (Aaron Giles)
- 02470: [Crash/Freeze] Various: Access Violation (Aaron Giles)
- 02475: [Crash/Freeze] kf10thep: Access Violation  (Johnboy)
- 02502: [Crash/Freeze] fax, hardhat, mtrap, pepper2, teetert,
         venture and clones: Accessing a certain portion of memory in
         the debugger causes crash. (Aaron Giles)
- 00998: [Crash/Freeze] dcclubfd: Hangs during playing with an access
         violation error. (Olivier Galibert)
- 02460: [DIP/Input] qrouka: Coin 1+2 no longer work. (David Haywood)
- 00081: [Crash/Freeze] dcclub: Game crash and freeze.
         (Olivier Galibert)
- 00989: [Graphics] qgh: If you do a metamorphose, the screen turns
         black without displaying words/pictures. (David Haywood)
- 02458: [Color/Palette] enforce: Road layer colors are wrong.
         (M.A.S.H., Phil Bennett)
- 02469: [Graphics] geebee and clones: Appears to be missing its
         middle swinging gate (Couriersud)
- 02477: [DIP/Input] most merit.c sets: Unable to locate input port
- 02468: [Compiling] 64 bit build fails (Aaron Giles)

Source Changes
Removed unneeded UI keys by removing the constants. Readded
UI_ON_SCREEN_DISPLAY to be changed again in the "Inputs" menu.

Added missing support of normal joystick for player 2 in 'gwarb'.

Fixed a number of regressions due to recent 68000 IRQ changes.
[Aaron Giles]

Added new functions for building device-relative tags. Changed machine
configuration builder to use these functions. Also changed the
laserdisc player devices to use them. Updated Z80 CTC/SIO code to
assume that the CPU provided for the clock is relative to the device
that the CTC/SIO belong to. Updated memory code to assume that regions
and devices referenced by the memory map are relative to the device
the associated CPU belongs to. [Aaron Giles]

Neo-Geo cleanups (still in progress): [Johnboy]
 - Sorted OEM / Bootleg sets
 - Renamed roms on non OEM / Bootleg sets to ONE naming sheme
 - Renamed functions
 - Added some comments

System 24 cleanups: [Aaron Giles, Olivier Galibert]
 * correct memory map for both CPUs
 * reduced RAM size to 256k
 * correct video timings
 * renamed regions
 * proper interrupt handling
 * fixed dcclub magic latch

Checked, via Z80 code analysis, inputs and Dip Switches for the
following games in snk.c driver: [stephh]
 - ikari, ikaria, ikarinc, ikarijp, ikarijpb
 - victroad, dogosoke, dogosokb
 - bermudat, bermudaj
 - worldwar, bermudaa
 - psychos, psychosj

Added correct overlay positioning, font, and behavior to PR-8210
emulation. [Aaron Giles, Warren Ondras]

Sonic Blast Man 2 Special Turbo (SNES bootleg) changes:
[Andreas Naive, Tomasz Slanina]
 - added rom decryption
 - patched protection checks
 - mapped extra inputs

Fixed timers in i8051 core. [Grull Osgo]

Fixed the i8051 AJMP opcode to take 2 bytes instead of 3. [Grull Osgo]

Improved the button-lamps layout to all games in ampoker2.c driver.
Now buttons are more realistic. Also improved the Lucky 74 button-
lamps layout to be more realistic.[Roberto Fresca]

Improvements to InterFlip / Recreativos Franco driver: [Grull Osgo, Roberto Fresca]
 - Added Baby Poker Game.
 - Added sound support to Baby Poker Game.
 - Reworked the color routines.
 - Added Baby Dado Game.
 - Added new color routines for Baby Games.
 - Redumped the videocba color PROM.
 - Added color switch. (It changes background color in some games).
 - Added "hopper full" switch support (for diverter function).
 - Added diverter function decoder.
 - Added full functional mechanical counters decoding.
 - Added 7 Segment decoder and 7 Digit Counter functions.
 - Added button-lamps layout & mechanical counters simulation on
   layout. Mechanical counters to layout: Coin-In, Coin-Out and Coin
   to Drop.
 - Added NVRAM support to mechanical counters.
 - Mapped "Hand Pay" button for Baby Games.
 - Added decoder to Jackpot mechanical counter.
 - Added tower lamps to Baby Games layouts.
 - Reworked layouts for Baby Games.

Fixed old regression bug in Sengoku Mahjong that made the controls
not work when the V30 CPU core was converted to 16-bit. Specifically,
the game accesses the multiplexer with a word write instead of a byte
write. [Angelo Salese]

Checked, via Z80 code analysis, inputs and Dip Switches for the
following games in snk.c driver: [stephh]
 - gwar, gwarj, gwara, gwarb
 - chopper, choppera, chopperb, legofair
 - tdfever, tdfeverj, tdfever2
 - fsoccer, fsoccerj, fsoccerb

MCU protection now working for lohtb2 (m72.c) [Couriersud]
 * Hooked up 6751
 * Synchronized protection ram writes with timer callbacks
 * Removed speed hack from NEC CPU emulation, which breaks the
    protection code

snes.c - Fixed problem with OAM address reset at start of vblank.
[Tomasz Slanina]

Made the Z80 daisy chain aware of referencing device-specific devices.
[Aaron Giles]

Added preliminary LD-V1000 emulation. Not fully working yet, but
mostly there. [Aaron Giles]

Cleaned up and normalized the three existing laserdisc emulations.
Removed obsolete code from the laserdisc core. [Aaron Giles]

Optimized st0016 RAM tile behavior to lazy decode the graphics,
giving a big speed boost to some of the mahjong games. [Aaron Giles]

Space Duel: Added the P10/11 dip switch (only 4 switches instead of
the standard 8 ) [Franklin Bowen]

Improvements to Sandii' games (snookr10, apple10 & tenballs):
[Roberto Fresca]
 - Reworked the button-lamps matrix system.
 - Documented both output ports.
 - Connected coin in, key in and payout counters.
 - Improved the lamps layout to be more realistic.
 - Updated technical notes.

Minor optimization to the Neo-Geo sprite clearing code.
[Christophe Jaillet]

Added emulation for snes special chips DSP-2 & OBC-1.
[Fabio Priuli, byuu]
 - added sources snesdsp2.c & snesobc1.c
 - removed special chips detection from MAME
 - modified memory handlers to account for the new chips

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Megatouch 5 (9255-60-07 RON, New Jersey version) [Brian Troha]
Astropal (Sidam?) [Couriersud]
Baby Poker [Grull Osgo, Roberto Fresca]
Baby Dado [Grull Osgo, Roberto Fresca]
Sonic Blast Man 2 Special Turbo (SNES bootleg)
  [Andreas Naive, Tomasz Slanina]

New clones added
Megatouch III (9255-20-07 ROG, New Jersey version) [Brian Troha]
Super Megatouch IV (9255-41-07 ROG, New Jersey version) [Brian Troha] (Not Working)
Armored Warriors (US 940920) [Razoola]
Mortal Kombat 3 (rev 1 chip label p4.0) [Andrea Turci]
Decathlete V1.001 [Andrea Turci]