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MAME v0.123u1 [NAOMI updates in this version]
« on: February 13, 2008, 05:54:42 PM »
MAME v0.123u1

There were some updates in this version related to SH4 and Naomi ^^



MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
jantouki0121u3gra [RansAckeR]
mcnpshnt0120u3gra [RansAckeR]
mjdialq2_0120u3gra [RansAckeR]
mjifb0111u2gra [RansAckeR]
goldbug0105u4gra [stephh]
zn.c0122u8yel [smf]
pwrinst2_0122u8gra [Sonikos]

Source Changes
Removed 'type' parameter from tilemap_create. [Zsolt Vasvari]

audio/dkong.c: [couriersud]
 * fix dkong audio over-modulation issue with DAC sound
 * surround the fix with a DK_REVIEW define for later review.

Changed the use of machine->remapped_colortable to machine->pens where
the drivers weren't using color tables. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Corrected the clocks on the following pcbs: Formation Z, MagMax,
SlapFight and Tiger Heli. Changed Oki m6295 pin 7 to "high" on Toki
and Blood Bros. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Improve build independence for CPU/sound cores. Rescued the M65CE02
core from bitrot hell, and fixed some MESS cores that were broken by
the deprecat.h changes. [Atari Ace]

Corrected the initial detection of extended INP files.
[Barry Rodewald]

Moved Galaxy Games emulation to tmaster.c. [Luca Elia]

makefile/build updates: [couriersud, Aaron Giles]
 * moved verinfo.c to src/build
 * moved rules for verinfo to src/build/build.mak
 * removed osdcore.h from file2str.c, verinfo.c, png2bdc.c

Removed color tables from gsword, hyperspt, jailbrek, magmax,
konamigx, markham, megazone, pandoras, rocnrope, strnskil, trackfld,
tp84, shaolins, scotrsht, pingpong, skykid, wiping, punchout, ikki,
rallyx, fastfred, fcombat, finalizr, flower, funworld, galivan,
gdrawpkr, goldstar, hanaawas, higemaru, ironhors, jackal, kchamp.
Added resnet.c color computations where appropriate. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Simplfied Mag Max background drawing code. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Further altered the Exidy 440 code in preparation for moving to proper
sound chip emulation. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Unified transparency handling between scotrsht, shaolins, tp84.
[Zsolt Vasvari]

Split timer_adjust() into timer_adjust_oneshot() and
timer_adjust_periodic(). Updated all call sites. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed some arkanoid clones INPUT_PORTS definitions that were curiously
using PORT_START_TAG("DSW") instead of PORT_MODIFY("DSW"). [stephh]

Fixed DIP switches and inputs for all games in cvs.c. [stephh]

Added HOTD2-specific BIOSes. [Arzeno Fabrice]

Added more accurate emulation of the priority system and the beam
logic in stactics. Removed color table. Centered crosshair. Used
proper game orientation. Unified memory maps. Switched game to use the
artwork system. Set GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS until artwork is created.
[Zsolt Vasvari]

Added sound support to Champion Skill. Removed GAME_NO_SOUND flags.
Increased interrupts per frame, music was too slow. Minor comments
adjustment. [Mirko Buffoni]

Used PORT_SERVICE and PORT_SERVICE_NO_TOGGLE macros when it was
possible. [stephh]

In the cps2 driver, Changed the GAME definitions to reflect how many
players and how many buttons there are for each game. Rewrote the
PORT_CUSTOM macros. Added a few notes about the inputs when I thought
they were needed to avoid wrong bug reports. Started to clean the
driver. [stephh]

Added PCB and/or chip docs updates for Blaze On (kaneko16.c),
Sand Scorpion (sandscrp.c), Flash Point (segas16b.c). [Brian Troha]

Fixed kangaroo colors by assuming an inversion not present in the
schematics. [Nicola Salmoria]

Added the ability to pass absolute paths to mame_schedule_save() and
mame_schedule_load(). [Nathan Woods]

Naomi/DC updates: [Samuele Zannoli]
 - Add SH4 I/O ports
 - Connected the 93C46 of the naomi and the x76f100 of the rom board
    and filled them with dummy data to satisfy the BIOS
 - Implemented some of the JVS transfers that will be needed to use
    the controls
 - Implemented ROM board DMA
 - Set proper NAOMI RAM sizes (32 MB main, 8 MB for AICA)
 - Improved PVR-TA graphics emulation

Set proper ARM7 clock for Naomi. [Deunan Knute]

ARM7 updates: [Anonymous]
 - correct mode at reset (it's always 0b1....)
 - HandlePSRTransfer: remove wrong code, correct detection of
    privileged mode
 - correct carry output for ROR
 - Thumb ASR Rd,Rs: correct carry computation
 - Thumb ldmia/stmia: correct value for writeback when the writeback
    reg is in the list
 - ARM ldm/stm ignore lower bits of the address
 - most of the exceptions force the I bit
 - ignore some flag bits in the CPSR

Some improvements to the Funworld driver and new games added.
[Roberto Fresca]
 - Switched to XTAL def.
 - Fixed Magic Card II graphics issues.
 - Fixed Magic Card II inputs.
 - Fixed screen and visible area to snooker10.
 - Renamed set monglfir to mongolnw.
 - Renamed sets description based on languages instead of countries.
 - Fixed some years and manufacturers.
 - Updated technical notes.
 - Cleaned up the driver.
Did some cleanup of the 'special case' mess that the rallyx driver
has become. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Removed no longer used TRANSPARENCY_COLOR. [Zsolt Vasvari]

MC6845 updates: [Zsolt Vasvari]
 - changed the 6845 to be handle based -- adjusted all drivers
 - renamed crtc6845 to mc6845
 - allow reading registers 12 and 13
 - reading write-only registers return 0
 - updated comments in header
Changed qix.c to RGB32 mode and made its videoram_w do the partial
updating instead of a per scanline timer. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Fixed 'mario' and 'masao' memory maps to match the Dip Switches port
name. [stephh]

Fixed pooyan transparency. Updated to use resnet code. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Changed ZN2 clock speed to 100MHz to match board notes. [smf]

Added DIP locations for sitv, sicv, invadpt2, lrescue, invasion. Fixed
coin2 for superinv & invasion. [RansAckeR]

Added initialization to machine/nmk112.c. This resolves a multi-
session audio problem reported for donpachi. Also added some variable
initialization to machine/n64.c to fix running starsldr multi-session.
[Atari Ace]

Added diplocations to policetr and marked some as unused based on
manual and schematics. [Mike Ellery]

Fixed fatal error in the maxaflex, mf_bdash and mf_achas drivers.
[Atari Ace]

Several more risky challenge opcodes. You can now see "gameplay".

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Galaxy Games (BIOS v1.90) [Luca Elia]
Royal Vegas Joker Card [Roberto Fresca]

New clones added
Contra (US, Set 2) [Brian Troha]
Zero Wing (2 player simultaneous ver.) [Brian Troha]
Sand Scorpion (Revised Hardware) [Stefan Lindberg]
Galaxian (Taito) [Stefan Lindberg]
Jolly Card (3x3 deal) [Roberto Fresca]
Jolly Card Professional 2.0 [Roberto Fresca]
Lucky Lady (3x3 deal) [Roberto Fresca]
Lucky Lady (4x1 aces) [Roberto Fresca]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
World PK Soccer V2 (ver 1.1) [David Haywood]


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Re: MAME v0.123u1 [NAOMI updates in this version]
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2008, 06:33:55 PM »
The Arm7 updates are always nice too. :)  It fixes stuff in GBA (MESS) & some PGM games.