Author Topic: I want to know my secret port!  (Read 3695 times)

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I want to know my secret port!
« on: May 20, 2008, 10:05:28 AM »
hi, i have a big problem with kaillera.

the problem is:

in kaillera my user port is by default: 27886, but when in p2p mode i click "whatismyip" it responds me with address f.e. (so the port is 14667), i give this ip to my challenger and all work good, but in a next connection the ports change, and thanx to what is my ip i can know the number of her. But hard problems there are when Whatismyip doesn't work, so i can't know what is the right port.. i tried to give to my challengers 27886 port.. but doesn't work..

I want to know how "what's my ip" can determine my port.. please help me.. please respond to my email address is a very important problem..

email:  emildiior at

thank you staff.