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When I go to Load Neo Geo CD Game, the Isos Redump (cue+bin) are not recognized! Does it only recognize Isos (cue+img+sub+ccd) and only dezipped ones? That's right?
They could list all the games in the list, even those not found, and add an option to generate the dat of the neogeo cd isos supported by finalburn. Thank you in advance for your work on the best emulator for me. And excuse my terrible English.

FBneo will work with single .bin + .cue (unzipped), but it must be mode 2352.  A nice small program called CD Mage will convert any .bin/cue to mode 2352 very fast, here is a link to instructions and the program CD Mage:

(it don't need to be installed, just unzip and run)

best regards,
- dink
dink thank you very much.
Dink, I was checking here and the last Redump - SNK - Neo Geo CD set (2022-09-23) that I have here, and the games are mode 2352. But with several .bin+.cue and not with single .bin + .cue. It's a shame FinalBurn Neo doesn't run Redump sets without transforming the files.

It's a design decision, because it's very difficult to have features like working rewind, runahead & savestates with multiple files bin/cue.

best regards,
- dink


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