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I encountered a strange problem


When this interface appears, all keys are prohibited from using
Unable to exit
Can only disconnect the power supply
platform:libretro fbneo

geese howard:
You should ask at libretro forums...

My recommendation would be to build valid romsets, just as the documentation is telling you to. That way you can avoid that screen.
As for why you can't close, i can't reproduce it on my side so it's most likely some kind of setup issue.
Maybe try to reset all your configurations and restart them from scratch.

Edit: could it be that you are using an extremely old version of this core ? nowaday, pressing any button on that screen is supposed to close the core, but several years ago it wasn't like this and you needed to go through frontend's menu/shortcuts to close this.
Edit2 : also, it might be a good idea to be more specific about your platform, i noticed you are talking about unplugging the power supply, so i suppose (hope) you are not using a PC.


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