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Hi guys,
Here's my first contribution to this great project.  In the attachment you'll find d_battleg.cpp (src/burn/drv/toaplan) fixed to prevent a crash issue with savestate loads.
p.s. can I get access to the FB Alpha svn? Theres a couple more drivers that I plan on fixing/clearing up issues with, and who knows what else. :)

best regards,
- dink

Here's another one :)

Problem: In Scramble! and Super Cobra, when something explodes, there is a loud clipping/distortion type noise.
Solution, in src/burn/snd/flt_rc.cpp, check for clipping after it adds the samples.  The attached file contains the fixed flt_rc.cpp.

--- Code: ---pSoundBuf[x] += n[l/r]Sample;  is now  pSoundBuf[x] = BURN_SND_CLIP(pSoundBuf[x] + n[l/r]Sample);
--- End code ---

best regards,
- dink

Excellent work! Keep it up! I'll commit these to the svn tonight.

Some good fixes there always nice to see more people work with the FBA SRC

Hello FBA fans,
Here is yet another fix - this time, for the game Tengai and possibly other games (S1945) utilizing the Psikyo hardware.

Problem: when loading a savestate, the sounds sometimes get desynched.  The Psikyo driver was only scanning the YM2610 driver, even though the game uses the YMF278B.

Solution: use the updated d_psikyo.cpp (in src/burn/drv/psikyo) in the attachment.
EDIT: fixed a small buglet, make sure you have version 2 of the attachment (

best regards,
- dink


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