Author Topic: Arcade IPS files for Various Hacks.  (Read 12090 times)

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Arcade IPS files for Various Hacks.
« on: July 19, 2021, 02:56:49 AM »

I've compiled a batch of arcade hacks from hackers like Yumeji, Pippi899, Ydmis and so on and converted them into ips format (no prepatched), allowing for use of using them on both standalone FinalBurn Neo and the Libretro Core, different steps for the two. Information on these is incredibly difficult to come by and often requires ancient exes of FinalBurn Alpha from about 2009, or using outdated prepatched roms, or following obscure forums to find obscure 4shared or mediafire links that usually 404, so the point of this is to compile these into a neat and easy to share and setup format.

They're mainly for fighting games and playing as hidden characters and bosses, but there are a few secondary ones like the fast shooting hack for Galaga that people had trouble with in the past, a stage select for Blazing Star, a remake hack of Metal Slug 5, and so on. it covers CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, Neo Geo, PGM and a few smaller systems, including having Kaiser Knuckle and Rabbit patches.

Sourced from the HBMame 0.233 set and tested within HBMame, Libretro, and FinalBurn standalone, the last one requiring dat files that have to be made, but I've got a few in today and confirmed those work as well, they don't all have that but it's got a few.

There's also documents for what rom to use as a base, since some of these are kinda strict, and another for what set it correlates to if your loading HBmame, useful for KOF given how many hacks are in that.

Special shoutouts to AdmiralMcFish on youtube for covering these, being one of the few who covers this niche at all, and JacKc029735 of the FinalBurn team for sending street fighter III patches.