Author Topic: About communication modes and Final Burn.  (Read 381 times)

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About communication modes and Final Burn.
« on: May 24, 2022, 05:22:08 AM »
Hello. I've been recently playing somewhat random assortment of arcade games, trying out arcade versions of some titles like Cadash.
I usually go to the settings, using mainly RetroArch, to change the game to free play mode and do other such tweaks so I noticed communication setting dipswitches in few titles, and Neo Geo.
So, it took a moment to realize these settings refer to stuff when two physical machines are linked to each other, I think Head to Head modes in some games like Third Strike or in case of Cadash, apparently supporting 4 player play by linking two 2 player cabinets. Cadash's implementation especially looked interesting.

I wonder does FBneo support this link communication in any manner? Either running two instances on same machine, or maybe LAN. It does not seem there is any way to setup such so I assume that the dipswitches are there for completeness sake and may not well be functional for now. Given people usually are happy enough with one screen 2 and 4 player games, and extra hassle with setting up two mock up cabinets for link play.

Thanks anyway for anyone answering my curiosity, and also thanks for this project. Fightcade would not be  the same without it, I am sure.