Author Topic: Generator 3.50 released!  (Read 4178 times)

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Generator 3.50 released!
« on: April 13, 2006, 07:04:36 PM »


Major code clean-ups and changes
 - most rom info is stored in structs now, this is much easier to keep track of.
 - roms are written in a for.. loop now, this shortens the code quite a lot
 - removed unneeded functions, code
 - generator.js is now about half of the size it was during 3.2.5
 - fixed a lot of things that have been broken for ages
 - replaced toHex function with one that does a much better job
Updated faq.htm


Fixed a bug that may have disabled the P1 and M1(d) which are required.
Removed "Machine", it's not used in MAME anymore.
Added Neo-PCM2 selection.
SHA1 window now only shows the roms that are checked in the main window
SHA1 window closes and does not give errors when the page is refreshed/changed
Removed "Preview" button (not really needed)
Adjusted buttons just above output area
 - looks much better in IE
Cleaned up and modified language files
 - Language strings are now stored in javascript vars
   * this breaks support for all of the lang files from previous versions
 - Removed unused strings
 - Removed most comments
Fixed bugs with the Opera Broswer
 - SHA1 window open & close
Removed Swap V - No roms use this anymore, and it was only used by ssideki4 & neobombe
Changed Neo-Geo link again, now points to:
Fixed errors with Non-Latin text on cancel


Fixed bug when reading ClrMAMEpro dats (how long has this been broken?)
 - fixed javascript error
 - rom name, parent name, set name, and manufacturer are now read
Swap "p" is now found for Nebula and MAME
Swap "c" is now found for Nebula and MAME
Fixed gfxkey of 0 in nebula if crypt is not 0
Fixed finding of non-latin text in fba or newer drivers
Fixed reading of rom info from the "GAME (" line (kf2k3pcb, svcpcb)
Added preliminary stuff for finding SMA roms
 - Most likely will never be 100% added it's just something I'm messing around with


Added Neo-PCM2 stuff. This should be correct for FBA, MAME & Nebula.
Fixed Cx swaps
 - Swap only done if rom size is 2mb
Fixed Px swaps
 - Swap only done if rom size is 2mb


Added "Plane" notes to the Cx roms; just a cosmetic change
Offsets are now padded with 0's if they're less than the total
 - Just a cosmetic change, but it affects the appearance of the driver a lot
Machine is now always neogeo
S1 with encrypted graphics is now shown correctly
Added different function used for games with encrypted graphics and a seperate s1 rom


Removed hack from Cx roms for old FBA (.98) for kotm2
BDF_ flags are handled much better now.  If none are selected, 0 is added
Minor adjustments to how the rom info is output
Rom numbers are now aligned a little better (cosmetic)


Cart ID # is now gotten automatically if it isn't entered already

As usual, grab the attachment.

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Re: Generator 3.50 released!
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2006, 11:12:50 PM »
Just great! downloaded and tested :D just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See ya!!!!! :D

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