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FBN Discussion / The CPU underclocking is a great addition!
« Last post by el_rika on November 05, 2019, 04:24:59 AM »
I just tried Progear with CPU set to 90% and it is very very close to real PCB in terms of overall speed and especially slowdown in specific moments. Previously, the in and outs of turning the bullets in diamonds was a bit too fast and jumpy, but now it's slower and much closer to how PCB handles the transitions.

More testing is required, but amazing job guys!!

[played in Retroarch 64 mobile]
FBN Development / Re: dink's FBN Development & Fixes thread
« Last post by dink on November 03, 2019, 07:43:20 PM »
Mecha-9 - Sequel to Mecha-8 (MSX or ColecoVision) released recently by Oscar Toledo as free .rom download
has been added to our ColecoVision emulation :D
Game features Smooth scrolling on CV, very polished
nice frantic shooter with upgrades
huge near-full screen bosses :)

"still frame" picture of game doesn't look great, but in animation, its very nice.
read about it - get rom @ Oscar Toledo's site:
FBN Development / Windows XP version
« Last post by dink on November 02, 2019, 08:51:02 AM »
Dear friends & fans,
In-case you probably didn't know, we're having trouble with the WinXP build of FBN on appveyor. (daily builds from git)
Ashura-X has kindly provided daily builds that are WinXP compatible, so get them here for now:

best regards,
- dink
FBN Development / Re: Real Bout Fatal Fury (Korea release, bug fix revision)
« Last post by iq_132 on November 01, 2019, 08:10:59 AM »
Thanks for posting this. It'll get added to FB and the MAME guys are on it as well. :)
FBN Discussion / Re: mushihimesama, Ibara , espgaluda 2 etc....
« Last post by dink on October 30, 2019, 08:36:37 AM »
one day they will, not soon though.
Projects / [Tool] BestArcade
« Last post by Voljega on October 30, 2019, 02:56:55 AM »
The aim of this this tool is to generate sorted romsets for arcade, it was constructed with sbcs/pis and/or bartop in mind to keep romsets size down, but it can be used to construct sorted sets for any machine really.
Only games referenced in the BestArcade list are kept, this list contains all the interesting arcades games, at the exception of adult and gambling games.
You can also use tested working level (on raspbery pi3) from this list to choose to keep games or not, this is optional

- Generate BestArcade romsets by using your fbneo, mame2003 and mame2010 non-merged sets, your original sets will be kept intact
- Bios are automatically included
- Generate basic gamelist (originally Recalbox format but should work for other distribs like Batocera and Retropie) for these sets, with optional images. Genre images were generated with the awesome site
- Generate csv files documenting the generated sets
- Generate a scoresheet comparing working level in generated sets
- Generate dat files for the generated romsets

- It's not clrmamepro and will not check that your romsets files are in the right version number
- It only works with non-merged sets, split and merged sets are not supported, use clrmamepro to generate non-merged sets if needed
- It doesn't handle CHD
- It only works on Windows, although it should work on Linux by launching it manually with Python 3.7, but it needs testing to be sure. If you happen to test it under linux or macos, please enter an issue.

- Add mame2003plus, eventually removing mame2003
- Add custom set, to be able to sort any mame set
- Add another naomi / atomiswave tab to construct sets for this systems
- Handle CHD
- Add new testing sbcs

If you have any remark, evolution requirement or bug notice, please file it in github issues of the project.

BestArcade Github

BestArcade release 1.01

FBN Discussion / mushihimesama, Ibara , espgaluda 2 etc....
« Last post by cavisch on October 29, 2019, 08:18:01 PM »

Is there a chance these shooter gems will be playable with FBN. Using the fbn core with retroarch and to be honest , some are better running than the real deal. For instance , ketsui is better emulated than M2, the neo geo games as well ( using the latency and overclock option together with fbn. ) Garou plays better than my aes cartridge.
Hope one day the "newer"  cave games will be playable .

FBN Development / Real Bout Fatal Fury (Korea release, bug fix revision)
« Last post by DsNo on October 28, 2019, 11:35:27 PM »
Rom Infomation..

Code: [Select]
   Rom Dump : jysx012

  File: 095-eprk.ep1 - Patch to 095-epr.ep1 [rbff1a]
CRC-32: 422093ed
   MD5: 5afdaf6c4638e07fb5ce5823ba69b7ea
 SHA-1: 1b4cceec9b622d35f1bfdf01e314771b98483348

IPS patch files was attached.
FBN Development / Power Instinct 2 (Korea Release) - Add Pictures
« Last post by DsNo on October 28, 2019, 06:05:14 AM »
Rom Infomation

Code: [Select]
  Power Instinct 2 (Korea Release) - Rom base is pwrinst2

  Roms Dump : jysx012

  File: g02.82k - Equal to g02.82a [pwrinst2]
CRC-32: 4b3567d6
   MD5: 31c6e90cd9cbbc263b62ca6d633fd8ad
 SHA-1: d3e14783b312d2bea9722a8e3c22bcec81e26166

  File: g02.u3k - Equal to g02.u3a [pwrinst2]
CRC-32: ebea5e1e
   MD5: 6a15f701cb9f94681439eef6c4861f2c
 SHA-1: 4d3af9e5f29d0c1b26563f51250039c9e8bd3735

  File: g02.u42k - Pacth to g02.u42 [pwrinst2]
CRC-32: 56279c1c
   MD5: 985f72c5977aea2b79876dd6a0650c35
 SHA-1: f86edc2264758f9dc920a162d2dc71cc1f63d22e

  File: g02.u43k - Pacth to g02.u43 [pwrinst2]
CRC-32: 5af96f07
   MD5: 7bb638de7986bb7104adee4e14e335c2
 SHA-1: 2ef28ddd104448983e149079a8aae6ef7d0bb78e

  File: g02.u44k - Pacth to g02.u44 [pwrinst2]
CRC-32: 5561f620
   MD5: fb2b1b26078eacb769169ef18d7cbabb
 SHA-1: 3241ccc47e909930d79ad0a1a1b11a11879b17be

  File: g02.u45k - Pacth to g02.u45 [pwrinst2]
CRC-32: 5468cbe5
   MD5: 2ba1e7c0ce8082ba7145e7ba1aad1c29
 SHA-1: bbd262617cc86a4e4dc53aa82b9e4bf035cfa2a4

IPS patch files was attached.
FBN Development / Re: Localization templates
« Last post by barbudreadmon on October 27, 2019, 11:04:36 AM »
Until a fix is found for automatic XP builds, i think you can also use RetroArch + the FBNeo core, it should still be compatible with XP
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