Author Topic: whatismyip button: random port issue  (Read 3182 times)

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whatismyip button: random port issue
« on: May 22, 2008, 08:10:13 PM »

I'm playing SWOS with the p2p kaillera client on a university network in USA. When the whatismyip button used to work, I could see the port I'm serving from (which is 27886 as forwarded from the router and in the game, but it's not connectable with that number from outside, it somehow changes every 1-5 minutes randomly when I try to host from residential network), but the button is not functional for about two weeks and even though I tried everyway to detect the port using netstat command, netlimiter to detect the current port hosting etc., I failed to figure it out. I'm still connectable within the network without port information but from the outside 27886 is no good. I'd appreciate any advise on figuring it out, thanks in advance!