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MAME v0.127u6 Released
« on: October 02, 2008, 01:16:01 PM »
MAME v0.127u6 Released


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02323: [DIP/Input] geebeeb: Unable to coin - Always coin lockout
- 01090: [Crash/Freeze] invadpt2, sicv: Watchdog reset. (couriersud)
- 02440: [Crash/Freeze] abcop, gprider1, rachero: abcop just shows a
         black flickering screen, rachero gives an error and crashes
         on exit (couriersud)
- 02442: [Core] -aviwrite produces faulty files (Aaron Giles)
- 02441: [Crash/Freeze] rdft22kc: rdft22kc just shows a black screen
         and fails to boot (couriersud)
- 02194: [Misc.] All Sets in othunder.c: Black screen, game does not
         start (couriersud)
- 02410: [Misc.] -aviwrite: files over 2 gigs sometimes get cut off
         (Aaron Giles)
- 02024: [Color/Palette] pbobble3, pbobble4, ringrage and clones:
         Color Regression (Nicola Salmoria)

Source Changes
NeoGeo Update:  [Johnboy]
 * Updated Neo-Geo game pcb infos
 * 2020bba: Marked MVS and AES version
 * sonicwi2: Added correct sized v2
 * kof95 / kof95a:
   . Renamed kof95 to kof95h
   . Renamed p1 to correct chip label
   . Added note
   . Renamed kof95a to kof95
   . Renamed p1
 * samsho3 / samsho3a:
   . Renamed samsho3a to samsho3
   . Renamed samsho3 to samsho3h
   . Renamed p1 to correct chip label
   . Marked AES version
 * kof98 / kof98n:
   . Renamed m1 in kof98 to correct chip label
   . Renamed m1 in kof98n to correct chip label
     (kof98n should be latest revision, cart had very high SN
 * kof97: Marked MVS version
 * samsho5 / samsho5h:
   . Correct text layer size
   . Marked samsho5h AES version
 * neogeo:
   . Updated system set to what is found on NEO-MVH MV1FS
   . Added note
 * ms5pcb:
   . Hooked up bios dip
   . Renamed bios to correct chip label
   . Renamed p1 / p2 to correct chip label, marked NO_DUMP
   . Added note

Added pen_mask tile attribute to the tilemap system. Implemented
dynamic tile & sprite bit depth in the Taito F3 driver.
[Nicola Salmoria]

Changed MAKE_RGB macro to set the alpha to 255 instead of 0. Updated
palette.c to preserve the alpha when transforming palette values.
These changes should be transparent to almost all drivers and
rendering (ha-ha), but there may be an occasional instance where a
driver relied on the alpha being 0 in the system palette. This also
means that the palette_set_color() function preserves any alpha value
that is set. [Aaron Giles]

Changed Firefox to RGB32 to allow for mid-screen palette changes.
Because of the above change, the hacky alpha manipulation that was
previously required is no longer necessary; the alpha is set directly
in the palette entry. [Aaron Giles]

Removed render_container_set_palette_alpha() hack. Now the alpha value
can be set directly in the palette entry and will be respected for
laserdisc overlays. [Aaron Giles]

Minor NSS/SNES cleanups [Fabio Priuli]

Updated warpwarp.c driver: [stephh]
 - reworked 'geebee', 'navarone' and 'warpwarp' INPUT_PORTS
   definitions by using conditional Dip Switches.
 - added 'geebeeb' INPUT_PORTS definition (this game has specific
   "Replay" settings).

Removed unneeded keys: [stephh]
  - UI_ON_SCREEN_DISPLAY (there is now a "Slider Controls" menu)
    UI_EDIT_CHEAT, UI_RELOAD_CHEAT (these keys belonged to the old
    cheat engine)

Converted the z80pio implementation into a device. [Wilbert Pol]

Verified watchdog behaviour in schematics for 8080bw.c. [couriersud]

ldverify improvements: [Aaron Giles]
 - uses back-end decoding for CHDs directly to bitmaps
 - changed min/max detection to only check 0/255
 - fixed off-by-one bug in min/max computation
 - separated white code detection from frame number detection
 - track cadence with frame numbers as well as white codes
 - use vbiparse.h constants where appropriate

Plumbed machine parameters through the renderer. Removed need for
deprecat.h. [Aaron Giles]

Changed render_texture_set_bitmap() to accept a palette object
instead of a palette index. The renderer remains optimized for the
system palette but will work if objects have their own palette as
well. [Aaron Giles]

Changed renderer to permit palettes for RGB and YUY textures. If
specified, these palettes specify a 32-entry (RGB15) or 256-entry
(others) lookup for applying additional brightness/contrast/gamma
on a per-texture basis. [Aaron Giles]

Removed rescale notification. It never really worked that well and
violated proper layering. [Aaron Giles]

Renamed palette_set_brightness() to palette_set_pen_contrast() for
clarity. [Aaron Giles]

Changed palette objects to support global brightness/contrast/gamma
in addition to per-group and per-entry controls. [Aaron Giles]

Simplified core deinterlacing logic based on availability of pre-
decoded VBI data. Added plumbing for allowing for overall brightness/
contrast/gamma corrections on laserdisc video. Fixed bug when
combining brightness values in the palette logic. [Aaron Giles]

Converted Z80 CTC to a proper device. Updated all drivers. Added new
item to the interface which is the tag of a CPU to take the base clock
from. [Aaron Giles]

Changed Z80 daisy chain interface to simply be a list of devices in
the chain. Interrupt callback functions are now fetched via the
standard device interface and referenced by the daisy chain code.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed Z80 PIO interrupt callback to pass a device instead of the
machine. All device callbacks should provide the device. [Aaron Giles]

merit.c: [couriersud]
 * Implemented palette & colour decoding from crt 200 schematics.
 * Hooked up 6845
 * Hooked up lscnblk line
 * Fixed Phraze Craze gfx rom ordering
 * Clocks from schematics
 * Ram palette moved to static var. This should not be in RAM.
 * Added save state support

expro02.c: [DITraI4D0]
 - fixed DIPSW
 - added graphics decode routine (probably it can be simpler)

video/kaneko16.c [DITraI4D0]
 - tilemap scroll position is different for expro02, so added new
   function (is it better to fix current one?)

Converted Z80 SIO to device. Updated drivers accordingly.
[Aaron Giles]

Added additional Motorola DSP56k reset behavior. [Andrew Gardner]

Added mechanism to generically specify input port tags in place of
machine/device handlers. Unfortunately, the implementation relies on
sentinel values to distinguish a port tag versus a pointer to function
code. However, since this is a very common situation, it will
hopefully be worth the slight grossness. New macros are defined in

   DEVICE8_PORT(name) - use this to specify the name of a port to read
     wherever a read8_device_func would normally be used

   MACHINE8_PORT(name) - same as DEVICE8_PORT except it can be used
     wherever a read8_machine_func would normally be used

   IS_HANDLER_PORT(ptr) - accepts a read8_device_func or
     read8_machine_func and determines if it is an actual function or
     a reference to a port; intended for use by devices that accept
     DEVICE8_PORT-style functions

   CALL_DEVICE8_READ(ptr,device,offset) - either calls through the
     given read8_device_func, or calls input_port_read with the
     appropriate tag, depending on the result of IS_HANDLER_PORT;
     intended for use by devices that accept DEVICE8_PORT-style

   CALL_MACHINE8_READ(ptr,machine,offset) - same as CALL_DEVICE8_READ
     except for read8_machine_func

Note that in order for these to be useful, the consumer of the
function pointer must be enhanced to use the CALL_* macros above
instead of directly calling through the function. So far, only the
8255 PPI is set up to do this, as part of the cleanup below. Also
note that the sentinel value is currently 4 consecutive 0 bytes; this
may need to change in the future, in either length or value, so it is
important to stick to the macros above. [Aaron Giles]

8255 PPI interface cleanup: [Aaron Giles]
 - added MDRV_PPI8255_ADD, MDRV_PPI8255_RECONFIG and
    MDRV_PPI8255_REMOVE macros; updated all drivers to use them
 - changed callbacks to device read/write handlers intead of
    machine read/write handlers; updated all drivers accordingly
 - normalized function and variable names to be lower_under
 - removed a number of redundant interfaces from the galaxian/
    scamble line of games

LD-V1000: added some (compile-time removed) information about the
ROM and memory map [Aaron Giles]

Changed 68000 interrupts to only trigger during execution. This
means that multiple changes without any execution will be seen as
atomic. It also means that PULSE_LINE no longer works for signalling
IRQs. [Aaron Giles]

Added checks in the debug build to catch people who try to use
PULSE_LINE for non-NMI and non-RESET input lines on CPUs that no
longer support direct interrupt generation. Over time expect this
list to increase. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed edge case bug in the Cube Quest line CPU involving adding with
carry. [Matt Ownby]

Fixed sbasketb DIP switch reading. [Fabio Priuli]

Continued work on System1 inputs: [Sonikos]
 - Added dips location in all game
 - Moved in generic Cabinet dip for eliminate the redundancy
 - Better implementation of generic input

Changed the NSS/SNES loading code to support more cart/memory layouts
and generally be more in line with the MESS way of handling SNES
cartridges. [Fabio Priuli]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Gals Panic (US, EXPRO-02 PCB)
Pit Boss [Couriersud]

New clones added
20 Year Reunion (V1.04) [Johan Samuelsson]
Capcom Sports Club (EURO 971017) [Corrado Tomaselli]