Author Topic: "Winamp Track Remmaping" option  (Read 660 times)

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"Winamp Track Remmaping" option
« on: May 31, 2018, 06:37:14 PM »
Hello everyone, first of all say that I am excited about your fantastic work with the FBA, is my favorite emulator and every so often I pass by here to verify that there are new releases. I wanted to suggest a new option in case you would like to implement it in future releases. It is something that the Nebula Emulator already had, a "Winamp Track Remmaping" option, to be able to change the audio tracks of the roms with Winamp tracklist. This was great to change the music of neo geo games by neo geo Cd. I do not know if you could consider putting something similar in the options of the emulator.
In any case, thanks for your work. A greeting! ;p