Author Topic: Some games that aren't supported yet but hardware is supported  (Read 839 times)

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For example:

"Magic Ball Fighting"
It's the baseball game made by Semicom, Korean company, first series of their Wonder League series, but that is only not supported in current FBA/FBNeo. Using same hardware(Tumble Pop bootleg)

"X Se Dae Quiz"
It's quiz game that runs on Raiden II/Zero Team hardware. It marked as NOT_WORKING because of incomplete COP emulation, but it's playable until ending in MAME. Since FBA/FBNeo also supports Raiden II/DX/Zero Team(V33 version), that X Se Dae Quiz can be supported, too.

And, alternate set of Snow Bros 2 that dumped recently, it says "Q ELEC" instead of "HANAFRAM", but it has staff roll after the ending.