Author Topic: FB Neo controller settings are not properly saved / game icons not displayed  (Read 598 times)

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I got the latest gcc build of and while it runs good for the most part , I have the controller settings resetting themselves issue , similar to the one in the thread below

I followed the instructions , and while I got the direction buttons and the buttons 1 2 3 set to the joystick buttons as universal defaults , the 'Coin 1' and 'Start 1' buttons are re-assigned to 1 and 5 keys on the keyboard after I start a new game , or restart the emulator. The direction and 3 command keys stay as they assigned them.Not a major issue , but can be annoying because I have to re-assign autofire p1 to joy botton 4 everytime I start a shmup , because I use autofire almost all the time in my shmups.Any ideas on the issue ?

One other minor issue is that while titles/previews display file , icons for games are not displayed at all.I have them in support/icons folder , have it set to display icons (even checked the config.ini and it was on) but still can't get any of them to work :(

Finally , I wonder if it is possible to use hiscore.dat for Mame , which I used to use in order to save hiscores in games which would normally reset the scores after you power the cabinet off

I'd like use it specially for Garegga/Bakraid/Batrider games to be specific

Thanks for reading , and have a good one

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Once you set up your preset and make it default - the games that have been previously ran will already have their preset files set up, so in order to have them use the new preset settings - you'll have to delete the game input ini files.  they're in config/games, for example Battle Bakraid would be config/games/bbakraid.ini - delete this then load the game, it'll now use your preset to fill in the blanks.

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