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Presets, how-to and new features
« on: August 21, 2020, 01:38:58 PM »
Hello friends & fans of FBNeo!

Recently support was added to have system preset files for all of the console/systems.
Here's a list of them and & how to set them up - along with the master preset (preset.ini).

You'll want to set up the master preset (preset.ini) first, it'll make everything else a lot easier! :)

Code: [Select]
"CPS-1/CPS-2/CPS-3 hardware", "config/presets/cps.ini",
"Neo-Geo hardware", "config/presets/neogeo.ini",
"Neo Geo Pocket hardware", "config/presets/ngp.ini",
"NES hardware", "config/presets/nes.ini",
"FDS hardware", "config/presets/fds.ini",
"PGM hardware", "config/presets/pgm.ini",
"MegaDrive hardware", "config/presets/megadrive.ini",
"PCE/TG16/SGX hardware", "config/presets/pce.ini",
"MSX1 hardware", "config/presets/msx.ini",
"Coleco hardware", "config/presets/coleco.ini",
"SG1000 hardware", "config/presets/sg1000.ini",
"Sega Master System hardware", "config/presets/sms.ini",
"Sega Game Gear hardware", "config/presets/gg.ini",
"Sinclair Spectrum hardware", "config/presets/spectrum.ini",

First, make sure you've set up your master preset file (preset.ini) - If you havn't, go do that (scroll down a bit) and come back here. :)
Let's say you wish to configure a preset file for NES (or any system).
Load any NES game (for example: Super Mario Bros. romset name: smb) and map your controls.
Press the [Save Preset] button.  That's it!

if system preset (f.ex nes.ini) file doesn't exist, it tries to resolve the controls from master preset.ini (if configured, see "preset?" section below)
If preset.ini doesn't exist, it tries to resolve the controls from fbn's built-in defaults.

preset.ini - The master preset file, creating and setting it up.  Do this first!
You'll want to configure the basic buttons such as Up/Down/Left/Right & system controls like "Pause, FFWD. State Save/Load/Undo" for all systems, But how?
1: Load a game with at least 4 buttons - let's use the arcade game Super Duck (rom: supduck)
2: Map Player 1 (and Player 2 if you want) up/down/left/right and buttons 1-4
3: Don't forget: Also Map "System" buttons like "System Pause, FFWD, Load/Save State" to your controller.  Most people will probably just want to map "System Pause".
4: Press [Save Preset] - this saves preset.ini to config/presets and adds it to the middle drop-down list
5: In the first drop-down, select "Player 1", in second one chose "preset", now click [Make Default]
6: Also in the first drop-down, select "Player 2", then click [Make Default]
7: Test your settings by loading another arcade games which has never been run before on your system - for example:
Do Run Run (romset: dorunrun) and check the inputs, if the controls are set properly then congrats - you did it :)  If they're not, go back and re-do steps 1-6.

Now every game that hasn't been run before will use the settings from preset.ini
Game settings are stored in config/games, for example: Super Duck's is config/games/supduck.ini

best regards,
- dink
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