Author Topic: [PS3] FBNeo RL Plus v2.13  (Read 10949 times)

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[PS3] FBNeo RL Plus v2.13
« on: December 23, 2020, 03:08:45 AM »
FB NEO RL Plus is a fork (of @CaptainCPS-X 's FB Alpha RL) by @Crystal

After the missing of CaptainCPS-X in September 2017, the PS3 FBAlpha RL project was still in the process of seeing the light with a new and important update. Fortunately, not all of CaptainCPS-X's work was lost. As a tribute to his initial work, the project was carried out. In the meantime, the emulator core has changed its face, from FB Alpha to FB Neo. Many aspects have been updated and more cores have been added to make this project the best frontend (I hope) for retro gaming on the PS3.

DOWNLOAD v2.13 basic package:
SNES expansion:
MEGADRIVE expansion:
AMIGA expansion:

***The expansions are independent of each other and work only if installed AFTER the basic version, as they only contain the additional files.

A special and heartfelt thanks to the FB Neo Team (@barbudreadmon, @dinkc64) for their support and their patience in resolving many Big Endian issues.

v2.13 Changelog
  • Fixed a Retroarch layer bug (PS3 crash when Retroarch layer tried to show a message on screen)
  • Fbneo core (basepack) can be used to execute genesis/megadrive games
  • Added in the options the selection of which core to use to execute genesis/megadrive games
  • Added more than 300 genesis/megadrive games (hacks, translations and homebrews)
  • Re-packed of upgrade packs
  • Many Big Endian fixes (FBNeo core)

For complete infos and instruction: