Author Topic: Link/Merge avi's written by FBNeo (and other emulators)  (Read 6674 times)

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Link/Merge avi's written by FBNeo (and other emulators)
« on: May 31, 2023, 12:36:49 AM »
linking vids to 1 file is simple, get ffmpeg.exe and linkvid.cmd (attached below)

ffmpeg here:

put ffmpeg.exe from that zip and unzip into your fbneo\avi subdirectory (folder)
open a cmd window here also

for example, you want to link these:

type: linkvid mmpork-05-05-005740

in a few seconds you'll have a single file, linked_mmpork-05-05-005740.avi

If you get clicks/desync in your linked video where the videos were joined together, use the linkvidfix command, instead of linkvid.
vfw (subsystem in windows) AVIFile api is used by FBNeo and a number of emulators (fceux, vbadv, snes9x, gens, etc, etc....) has a bug.
This bug sometimes puts a few corrupt audio frames at the end of the avi, which results in a nasty click/pop.  This is especially annoying
when linking videos, because it can (or will) also desync the sound from the game.  The included avifix will fix the problem automatically when running linkvidfix, enjoy!

best regards,
- dink
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