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final burn online
« on: May 23, 2008, 12:58:21 PM »
hi, every body i´m new in this site, call me donkukulkan, first sorry for my english, i´m speak spanish.

last days i´m looking for a server kaillera to play final burn online, but the servers or don´t charge or anyone use the final burn emulator. if you knows about a server please say the ip.

travel in the web i´m find about the hamachi lan, and wow its like a dream,i try to make one but don´t star or  didn´t know how use it.

if someone knows how make a good hamachi lan, please do it the homework. we need it. i like others people are user fans of final burn emulator; mame sucks; please think about that...a hamachi lan only and exclusive for final burn users.

if the lan exist, please, give us the ip.

sorry if i break the rules, i don´t read it..jajaja..its last time.

...this forum/web are real cool. tankx