Author Topic: Capcom Home Arcade stick using FB Alpha Emulation  (Read 31300 times)


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Re: Capcom Home Arcade stick using FB Alpha Emulation
« Reply #180 on: May 12, 2019, 02:15:39 AM »
(as a side note) If my moderating is too extremist for anyone posting in this thread    either:

1) post your unrelated (but legal) stuff in a different thread, in the correct forum

2) ask myself or another admin to delete your account (if that's what you want)

3) just ignore it! It's nothing personal, I just want to keep this thread on topic.

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Re: Capcom Home Arcade stick using FB Alpha Emulation
« Reply #181 on: May 12, 2019, 03:24:14 AM »
Saying the thread is getting off topic is completely disingenuous. Damned if one of us has a differing opinion. The amount of posts deleted from this page is disgusting. I guess I have to agree with Haze or my post will be deleted. Again. Lets see...

- FB decided on a licence policy, which Capcom paid for. Capcom then gets screwed over by said licencing agreement, but Capcom = Bad.
- The onus should be on the one buying the licence, not the one selling it, legally speaking. I mean, the law surrounding emulation isn't full of grey areas at all. They should have known what they were getting into. And be punished for it.
- When people play Capcom games illegally, we should all call it "using Capcom's IP in (our) spare time" because calling us pirates is offensive.
- Scrap that. No one ever uses FBA/MAME to play pirated games. We all love coding afterall. Every single one of us. And besides, it's 100 times more interesting than playing games. Playing games isn't even the point. What even is a game?
- Let's all cry and call Capcom parasites, even though they removed FB Alpha from the product description and we don't have any idea what's really going on.
- We're all good boys. We dindu noffin'.

It's all so clear to me now...

Edit: It seems like kev suicide-bombed the thread. Took a a bunch of you out, and himself in the process. Well done mate. Here's a quote from a PM he sent me:

"Sorry you feel that way, I believe I wasn't censoring anything, only trying to keep the thread on topic. Doing that from a phone sometimes stuff gets deleted by accident, but I try and out those back where I can. Sometimes I can't due to laziness, etc."

I'm surprised he could even muster the energy to reply, you know, due to laziness, etc. Don't worry, it wasn't censorship, just incompetence. I tried replying, but it seems he's deleted his account.
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Re: Capcom Home Arcade stick using FB Alpha Emulation
« Reply #182 on: May 12, 2019, 09:22:45 PM »
I'm so tired of this thread, of this emu-drama. Barry screwed the rest of the team over. All of this makes no difference. I want to move on, Dink wants to move on. Let's just all move on. We're working on a new fork now, with a new forum. I don't want any more censoring here and I don't want any more discussion about it. This whole topic is entirely too painful and I want to just move on from all of this.
That being said, someone has already locked the thread (I'm assuming Kev, before he deleted his account). I'm inclined to leave it locked and just be done. Let's just get back to working on the emulator formerly known as FB Alpha. If there are further questions, PM me.