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FBA Development / Re: dink's FBA Development & Fixes thread
« Last post by dink on May 12, 2019, 07:41:25 PM »
That's good to know :)  thanks

best regards,
- dink
FBA Development / Re: Ryvius86: Development Updates
« Last post by Arcadez on May 12, 2019, 07:03:14 PM »
@Ryvius86 Dont go yet bigman we'd all like to see you stick around, take a few days to think it over im sure you'll still have the bug
to work some more on the FBA codebase.

FBA Development / Re: Ryvius86: Development Updates
« Last post by Kev on May 12, 2019, 06:50:11 PM »

Sorry to hear you've decided to go as I think you're doing a really great job working on the part of the emulator that hasn't been updated for a while. Your updates are consistent and stable and that's what the project needs most.
It would be a shame for the project to loose a talented contributor who makes a difference in just a matter of days.

I agree completely!
FBA Development / Re: Ryvius86: Development Updates
« Last post by dink on May 12, 2019, 06:39:38 PM »
Ryuvius86, first off I want to say you're a cool dude and I like hanging out and coding with you.

Times have been rough for all of us, we really don't want to see flamewar bullshit every time we load up the forum.  You have to at least be able to understand that and respect that enough to not contribute to the avalanche of crap.

Like I told you on irc, friendly/fba-related, dev releated & game/tech related talks have _never_ been deleted.

Haze is a seriously respected guy, he's responsible for a lot of the RE & emulation for the games we love.  Of course he knows what you're trying to tell him, because he basically was there from the beginning.

best regards,
- dink
FBA Development / Re: Ryvius86: Development Updates
« Last post by JohhnnyB on May 12, 2019, 06:25:25 PM »

Sorry to hear you've decided to go as I think you're doing a really great job working on the part of the emulator that hasn't been updated for a while. Your updates are consistent and stable and that's what the project needs most.
It would be a shame for the project to loose a talented contributor who makes a difference in just a matter of days.

The final choice is yours however and that should be honored.

I won't preach since I'm not a preacher. I understand your frustration, I understand your point of view, I understand your reasoning.
My business relationship experience tells me however that your expectations for mature communication are a bit... idealistic. In business, as in real life, human communication is usually lacking any point and consistency and ends in bullshit if you allow it to run without any rules. Especially if it's attempted between people who just don't understand each other's point of view at all and try to defend theirs "because it's right".

Dink made a very good decision to just stop replying in the thread and instead focussing on the job after Haze had a go at him after an off-hand post. Let the armchair generals and frustrated alpha-males beat it out and you do what you enjoy. That's life.

In general however I personally feel that there were two big mistakes made in handling the topic in question.

1. Allowing toxic people (Haze) to actually take part in the discussion at all. Haze's posts might seem smart but are very acerbic at the core (Holy Crusader mentality). Not sure what's wrong with the fella (girl?) but there's something not right in the emotional department if you act like that in a public place. Don't believe? Look for similar topics on reddit to see more Holy Fire from Haze.

2. Allowing the topic to be an open discussion at all. The topic should be locked down immediately from the public after the initial post with a comment saying - we are working on it internally - .
Then continue the convo between the team internally since it's an internal affair between project members.
Such situations are a feast for trolls, carrion eaters and other unhealthy individuals.
The horse already died, time to clean up the PR side and move on. Everything else is company business, not a public discussion.

Atom-bombing the thread is a no-no but don't blame Kev. Everyone makes mistakes, we've all been in that place. Bombing your account by accident is even funny. :)
No need to ridicule anyone and point fingers, we're all doing charity here anyway.
Maybe apart from Barry. :P

I hope you give it a few more days, rethink your choice and come back to us. I'm sure more people apart from me appreciate your hard work and valid opinions.


You ninja'd me by just a few seconds. :)

Please have a look at my notes.
FBA Development / Re: Ryvius86: Development Updates
« Last post by Kev on May 12, 2019, 05:41:55 PM »
You shouldn't feel that way. To be honest that was the only time in the history of Neosource I think I have ever moderated a thread. and FYI, I deleted the one user who wanted to be deleted and my old account so I no longer have admin rights as I was clearly pissing people off.

However, my intention wasn't to piss anyone off, it was just to keep that thread to the topic, which I intended to be about what the situation is with Koch Media and what happens to FB Alpha going forward, and not have everyone argue about things that were not specifically that topic in just that one thread.

To save myself getting too stressed out, I have decided that I shouldn't care who is doing what to FB Alpha, and just carry on as I was. I hope that situation gets resolved, but my heart is telling me that it won't. Hopefully you see this post and change your mind, the other admins are more experienced at that kind of thing and probably take a more balanced hand.
FBA Development / Re: Ryvius86: Development Updates
« Last post by Stifu on May 12, 2019, 05:34:49 PM »
This is sad, we need all the contributors we can get. A few of my comments got deleted from that thread too, but I don't really care. What matters to me is the software itself, not these forums.
FBA Development / Re: Ryvius86: Development Updates
« Last post by Ryvius86 on May 12, 2019, 05:14:43 PM »
Unfortunately, like so many of you over the last couple of days, this will be my last post. I can't stand being on a forum where one group of people's opinion is held above another's. I especially don't like people deleting posts that are A) directly related to the the title of the topic, or B) a direct reply to someone who quoted me and then disingenuously claim it to be "off-topic". To be honest, I don't really appreciate censorship of any kind. And this forum has that particular issue in spades. So many times over the last few days have I seen posts from users asking "why is it that one group of people can say whatever they want, and another is silenced?", only to come back later to find that post deleted. Personally, I don't think I was on either side of the issue, and had my own opinion, but because it didn't line up with the admin here, I, apparently, have no right to post. If you're going to have a karma system, why delete things at all? It makes no sense.

They keep saying "the issue is a shit show" like it excuses censorship. Look around, you'll see it over and over again, like it's some pearl of wisdom. Everyone knows the issue is a shit show, that's why they're talking about it. People have the wrong idea about certain issues, and quite frankly I'm probably one of them. But I'd prefer to be told, and then, if need be, I'd like to discuss those ideas. Isn't that the whole point of a forum? Deleting posts and crying virtue helps no one, except those who wish to see other people's ideas vanish. It's lazy and spineless.

It seems like kev suicide-bombed the thread in question. Took a a bunch of you out, and himself in the process (well done mate). Here's a quote from a PM he sent me:

"Sorry you feel that way, I believe I wasn't censoring anything, only trying to keep the thread on topic. Doing that from a phone sometimes stuff gets deleted by accident, but I try and out those back where I can. Sometimes I can't due to laziness, etc."

I'm surprised he could even muster the energy to reply, you know, due to laziness, etc. Don't worry though, it wasn't censorship, just incompetence. I tried replying, but it seems he's deleted his account. That one sentence says everything you need to know about the admin here: not only do they misinterpret  the meaning of the word "censorship", they don't care what gets deleted and what doesn't.

This place is dead, and I don't think anyone should be deleting anything.. not many people post as is. dink, you have a great attitude and a tremendously high work ethic, which I absolutely respect, but dude, you need tell admin to stop being such giant pussies. People can debate ideas without the need for others to dictate the entire conversation. It's unnecessary. Especially when they're clearly doing it with absolute disregard to the conversation at hand (you know, due to laziness, etc).

Oh, and Haze.. 99.9% of people that use emulation also use pirated games. Hardly any of them can code, and they all think gaming is better than coding. And the reason is, people like you have made it so easy for them. To say otherwise is being completely dishonest and paints the situation in an entirely different colour. I'm glad you like pink, but the world is blue. Yes, their are crazy-smart and talented people working on emulation. And I love them for it. But the law is the law. You can call it "using Capcom's IP in (your) spare time" all you want.. you're a pirate. Like the rest of us. I've never once said that FB Alpha coders deserve to to have their hard work taken away from them. Or that they owe these game companies anything. They don't. But to paint the whole emulation community in that wonderful pink light of yours is wrong. I don't appreciate you putting words in my mouth. It's a logical fallacy, and a terrible way to debate an idea. And for someone to delete my response multiple times is spineless. You're not as virtuous as you think. Capcom are bummed out that people have pirated their games for 2 decades due to emulation. Then along comes Barry, from the emulation community, to sell them an illegitimate licence. Go ahead and cry capitalism all day long, but Capcom are being betrayed just as much as the FB Alpha contributors. If not more.

I'm out.
Thanks very much, barbudreadmon and dink. I see now that the positions in the struct are listed in comments in d_neogeo.cpp, that helps immensely. Really appreciate the help from both of you. Thanks for both the support and your great work on FBA! :)
Vague Rant,
nBIOS is the position of the bios in the bios list.  Different bios's require that the system return a different value here.   
f.ex the U.S. 6-slot and some Japan models need 0xff00 and all others need 0xff01

best regards,
- dink
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